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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What totems, rituals, or superstitions do you have?"

I also think this is such a fun topic and if I were writing about my grandmother, I could go on forever. Granny never let us open an umbrella in the house, put our handbags on the floor or walk under a ladder just to name a few. I think about her whenever I do these things and often feel guilty if I put my bag on the floor so I move it after a few minutes!

So here's what I do, do:

1. If my clock every reads 11:11, I make a wish.

2. I also make wishes on eyelashes and have my kids do the same.

3. As a kid I recited the alphabet while turning the stem of an apple and whatever letter I was on when the stem came loose, was the boy that I was "supposed" to date.

4. I like to sleep with the overhead fan on and one leg out of my comforter. When I was sleeping over my cousin, Mandy's house when I was about nine, she told me that that was the best way to sleep and I guess she was right.

5. I never write in a book unless it's to sign one. Even in college I wrote my notes on a separate sheet of paper.

6. In high school my friend, Nell and I decided to keep a sacred M & M in a beautiful small Chinese box that I was given for my Bat Mitzvah. All was fine until my dog Lady ate the sacred M & M.

This topic definitely lends itself well for character development when writing a novel. Can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say about their totems. rituals or superstitions.


Cindy said...

1. Granny also stated that a single woman should never sit on the corner of a table or try on another woman's wedding ring. These acts could lead to never getting married.
2. If you give someone a knife as a present, they need to give you a penny. Otherwise you will get in a fight.
3. If you give someone a wallet, you need to put some money in it.
4. Putting your hat or shoes on the bed is bad luck.
5. If you spill salt you need to throw it over your left shoulder.

Jenny O'Connell said...

I totally wish on eye lashes, and tell my kids to, too!!

Jennifer Echols said...

I totally agree that it's great for character development! I love including little details like this.