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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The things that make it all worth it

Today I received permission to go public with my new cover. The book is called WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE and it's a contemporary retelling of Bizet's CARMEN. This is the book that has had the type of journey that can make a writer both wonder why on earth we keep doing this and also revel in all the reasons we continue doing this.

In twenty-five words or less, I sold this book, then it wasn't sold anymore (insert over fifteen months of work and revisions here) then after yet more work, it finally sold again, to an editor who completely gets it, to a house that loves it, and who have all made me feel as if I matter as a writer. As writers, one of the most tangible pieces of validation we receive is our book's cover. It shows that the publisher, the editor, the art department, they're paying attention, they want the best image possible to represent the story contained within the cover.

I mean, yeah, it's about trying to get a book buyer's attention and selling lots and lots of copies, but forevermore, it's the visual representation of your book and if they don't get it right, it can feel as if no one's paying attention and you're sort of adrift, trying to explain what your book's really about.

I was exceptionally blessed with my MTV covers. Both ADIÓS and ACCENT had very evocative covers that conveyed the story. This one, though... oh boy, is this cover just absolutely perfect. It's stunningly simple, yet at the same time, there are so many little elements that call out to the story. That the cover model is so obviously Latina. The pulled back hair, speaking to the fact she's a dancer. The rose-- oh my, the rose is so very important, since a rose plays a major role within the story. The wistful, dreamy expression on her face.

Oh, it's just so, so lovely. I made noises that had dogs in Australia howling and I haven't been able to stop petting my screen because yes, I'm just that sad. *g*

Anyhow, lemme just show you...


Jennifer Echols said...

I am so happy and stunned and proud. You deserve it. This book is absolutely wonderful.

Jenny O'Connell said...

That is freaking GORGEOUS!!!

Danielle Joseph said...

I just love your cover--WOW!

Marjolein said...

wow, what a gorgeous cover, you really must be proud! Can't wait to read and review it!
(but sadly your books are hard to get here in Holland)