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Monday, January 26, 2009

SHELTER ME.... an update by Alex McAulay

So Shelter Me has now been officially out in the world for almost three weeks. I'm excited that it's getting the best reviews from readers online of any of my books so far. Writing the book was always a bit of a risk, as people (myself included) probably don't associate MTV with anything historical! But I'm glad most readers are enjoying it. I'm about to set up a links section on my website to link to all the reviews. I also want to thank the reviewers who took the time to read and share their thoughts online. For whatever reason (possibly the twist at the end?) Shelter Me has already generated more emails and MySpace messages than my previous two books combined. Keep them coming! :)

I also thought it'd be fun to post a random photo of myself. This one was taken in La Jolla, CA a little while back by my wife Lisa. I'd just taken a dip in the unbelievably freezing ocean, which is why my hair looks so weird. It was also right before Lisa and I learned that she was pregnant (we suspected, but we didn't know for sure). We just decided to take a jaunt down south to La Jolla for a weekend, to escape the intensity of Los Angeles. The funny thing is, we ran into some friends from LA who were there doing the exact same thing. Anyway, if you are ever in Southern California, swing through La Jolla, because it's a great beach town. (And Lisa wanted me to add that she took the photo using a cool, cheap fisheye "Lomography" camera she got at Urban Outfitters).


Anonymous said...

i love the photo!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Cool photo! And I can't wait to pick up Shelter Me, that is awesome it is generating so much buzz!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love the picture. It's so awesome!!

I really need to pick this up. All the blog reviews praising it has me hooked. I tried to get it one day at Borders but they didn't have it. :( I'll get it though!