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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ups and Downs and OMG Conference is right around the corner!

It's been a pretty wild month since I last posted (and I apologize for not responding to the comments in my last post-- clearly, I suck). But the first half of this summer has been full of ups and downs and best-laid plans turning upside down.

But the turbulence seems to have settled down-- it better have, because I'm really right tired of it. But I just came back from a very pleasant, if hectic week, with the Diva (AKA my daughter) in New York as she attended Camp Broadway and I had various editor and agent meetings and lunches and saw shows and all that fabulous New York City stuff. Seriously, if you're a writer-- get thee to New York at least once (although maybe not in July). The energy is so different and it's almost indescribable, the charge I get out of being in the city and meeting with publishing people there, as opposed to conferences. Has a completely separate vibe.

However, conferences have their own special appeal too and right now, I'm in the midst of doing laundry and repacking my suitcases in order to get ready for the Romance Writers of America's National Conference which this year is being held in quite possibly my favorite city in the entire world: San Francisco. Seriously, I've been looking forward to this particular Nationals since I first joined RWA something like six years ago. And after several previous National conferences, I'm looking forward to it, simply because it's my favorite conference to attend. The energy, the being able to be with my tribe, speaking our language without the funny looks--or heaven forfend, the well-meaning relatives who lean in during the odd holiday dinner and say, "Well, I've got a great story idea. What if I tell it to you, you write it, and we'll split the royalties, fifty/fifty?"

This year, I also get to present at the RITA Awards (our equivalent of the SAG or Oscar awards) which brings with it its own pleasure. I get to dress up and enjoy the festivities without the stress of being a nominee. (Okay, okay, so I wouldn't have minded being a nominee again, but still, this is going to be heap big fun.) And it's going to be a blast cheering on our own double-nominated Kelly Parra.

Yeah, Nationals is exhausting, especially for someone like me, who's very happy being an introvert about ninety percent of the time-- I return very happy to crawl back into my cave. But I also return full of creative energy and ready to tackle the keyboard again. Sort of like going to New York, I think most everyone, if they can handle being around crowds of people, should try to go to a writing conference at least once a year. It's a fabulous experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Especially since this year, I get San Francisco in the bargain.


Kelly Parra said...

Hi Barb, thanks for the mention! It's going to be fun and crazy. I'm looking forward to meeting you in many others in person in SF!

And I would love to visit NY someday!!

Jennifer Echols said...

Barb, I laugh and laugh every time you say you're introverted. Here is a pic of us at the conference in 2005, about 15 seconds after I'd met you for the first time. You are sitting in my lap.

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

Yay, Kelly! It's going to be a blast. Just remember to breathe! *g*

And Jenn, hush you! I said ninety percent of the time. :-P

Jennifer Echols said...

Actually, now that I think about it, it was the 2006 conference. Did our first books come out only 2 years ago???

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

Yeah-- two years. Wild huh? And I see my First Sale ribbon, which felt really weird since I made the sale, for all intents and purposes during the 05 conference, so it felt very anti-climactic to have it at the same time I had the books out.

Danielle Joseph said...

Sounds like you are having a busy summer. Have a great time at the Nationals. And I totally agree, writers should go to at least one conference a year! They totally get you charged to write!