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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm on Martha's Vineyard this week, with an event at Edgartown Books on Friday, 8/1 @4:00. This is my first time on the island since I started writing LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS and it's made me look at everything a little differently. Not only to make sure I got it right, but also to see it the way readers will see it when reading the book.

My mom recently finished LOCAL GIRLS and she asked if the places in the book are real. And many are and many aren't. There really isn't a Willow Inn, but there is a bed and breakfast that I thought of when describing the Willow. But there are places that are called by their real names because I wanted readers who knew the island to be able to recognize and relate to them.

What about other authors? When you're writing about a real place do you "ficationalize" everything or reference real live places to give readers a point of reference? What are the pros and cons of each? And if you're a reader, do you like reading about places you recognize?


erica said...

Just wanted to say, as someone who used to live on the island (my dad and grandparents still do - so I'm a frequent visitor!), that I LOVE reading stories that are set there. It's such a beautiful place, and the whole "culture" of the area is different than anywhere else I've lived. This makes me so excited to read your book =)

Kelly Parra said...

I'm always worried I'm going to write a glaring error about a real place so I base my setting on a real place but change the name. :) :)