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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sights from my Honeymoon

Last week my husband and I finally got to go on our honeymoon. (We got married in October, in case you missed the blogs that followed that.) We went to Miami Beach and Key Largo, hoping to escape chilly Chicago.... Of course we were there during the coldest weather South Florida has had in decades. Just my luck. And all I wanted to do was lay in the sun on the beach for one day and read a book. Oh well, we still had fun as you will see by this photo blog.

South Beach:

This is creepy. I don't know how these fish all got stuck on this rock, but they must have somehow and then the tide went out and weird fishy corpses were left behind on this rock. Fish creep me out and dead fish even moreso (plus I feel bad for them), but this was a cool image. You can click on it to enlarge it:

Me and hubby on the glass bottom boat tour in John Pennekemp State Park in Key Largo. It was a rare moment where the sun felt warm enough to take off my hoodie:
On our way out to Molasses Reef to see fishies, we saw birds along the way:

The glass bottom. Wish we'd gotten better pictures because it was incredible, all the colorful fish and especially the huge sea turtles swimming by!
A Mexican restaurant gave us free cotton candy so naturally I put it on my nose:

We went to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, where they rehabilitate and rescue birds that were injured (mostly thanks to human carelessness) and saw lots of cool birds:

Admittedly, when this pelican crossed our path, it freaked me out. I was like, um, he won't hurt me, will he? The guy that worked there pointed out that I don't look like a fish...

This might be my new fave picture of me. A new author photo? (if I can sell another book!)
This is Pickles. A smart bird, scratching his head with a stick.
Our last sunset in the Keys:

This is Oscar, the best fed cat in the Keys. He was our BFF at dinner, especially since my husband was giving him steak!

Oscar taking a bath after enjoying Scott's generosity:

This little friend was outside the door to our villa in Key Largo:

It was so cold for most of our trip we heard about Iguanas falling out of trees! But on the last day it finally got warm enough and we met this guy out sunning himself:

And last but not least. Look who I got to have lunch with on my last day in Florida!!!!! It's MTV Books own Danielle Joseph. It was such a blast to finally get to meet her in person and get my Shrinking Violet signed!
So that was my honeymoon in photos. Wish we could have stayed another week and enjoyed truly warm weather, but now we are back in cold Chicago and I am back to work on my writing!


Wendy Toliver said...

Wow, that photo of you is great! I can totally see it as your new author photo. And I love the little lizard. So cute! Looks like you 2 had a wonderful trip.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks Wendy! Isn't it funny how totally random photos can turn out perfectly, but the ones you pose for... We did have a wonderful trip and I loved seeing all of the wildlife!

Melissa Walker said...

I love your wildlife-filled honeymoon!

Danielle Joseph said...

Steph, it was so cool to meet you and your hubby! I love your pics too! I still have not gone on the glass bottom boat--soon...

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks Melissa! And Danielle, it really was so awesome to meet you. And yes, you must go on the glass bottom boat, it is so cool!