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Saturday, October 24, 2009

When and Where Do I Write

It's Saturday. It's 11:27 in the morning. And I'm at the bookstore. I'm actually sitting right across from that black chair you see to the left. This is where I do my writing. This photo actually shows the cafe next to where I sit. I love writing here. I have rows and rows of books to my right, and food right next to me. Every weekend I come here, buy an iced tea and a cookie or a sandwich, depending on the time of day, and plug my laptop in next to the fireplace (it's gas and has a little fire going at all times so it's very homey). During the winter I drink hot chocolates.

I have wireless access so I can research any topic as I write. I can check emails when I feel like procrastinating (or update my Facebook status, which doesn't help me be very productive).

These days I write mostly on the weekends and at night, if I'm not too burnt out from my day (I'm a marketing consultant, so I split my time between writing and client stuff).

When I'm starting a book (as I'm doing now) I have a hard time writing at home. Being in the bookstore helps me focus, to organize my thoughts. Once I'm more than halfway through a book I can write at home, but until then I need to get away and write somewhere else.

I always wonder what the girls behind the cafe counter think about the woman who sits here all day with a laptop on her lap staring into space like she can't figure something out or typing away with a vengence. I don't think they know what I'm doing. They probably think I have no life, if this is where I come every weekend.

But I like sitting here, knowing that over in the teen section my books are on the shelf. It's motivating - even if sometimes it's depressing when I feel like I'm not getting anywhere on my latest story.


Jan Blazanin said...

Cozy chair, fireplace, hot chocolate--sounds like the place to be!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Oooh fireplace, sounds very good. Also very inspiring to be so near your books! Getting out of the house might be a good idea for me, I may have to try it.