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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's With the Sweater?

I'm pulling up my sweater to try and save Shrinking Violet from going out of print. I found out the other day that the book may not be reprinted, unless demand increases. Yes, the economy sucks! Of course, this makes me very sad because it's only been out for four months, not enough time to make the rounds.
So to try and spread the word I started a Save Shrinking Violet Campaign on my blog, complete with cool prizes! Check it out here: http://daniellejoseph.livejournal.com/13551.html

I have been so touched by all the support that I've been getting from the book lovers community. BLoggers, reviewers and authors that have enjoyed Shrinking Violet have emailed me and blogged/Tweeted and Facebooked about the campaign, even offering up their own prizes. If my book is not reprinted, the one good thing that's come out of this is that I really feel the love. I feel so fortunate to work in such a warm community of writers and readers.

In Shrinking Violet, Tere goes for her dreams, despite the obstacles that she faces. So that's what I'm doing to try and keep Tere's voice alive!


Jenny said...

Oh, Danielle!!! That's terrible. It's so hard for new authors today (unless your character is a vampire zombie shapeshifter or something like that). "Normal" girls get lost in the crowd!

I hope that Violet has a long life!

Jan Blazanin said...

Keep up the good work, Danielle! SHRINKING VIOLET's Amazon rankings are looking good!

Danielle Joseph said...

Thanks, Jenny! It is not easy being normal:)! And Jan, thanks for your support:)!