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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Makin' a list and checkin' it twice

Why not, right? It's the end of the year (almost) or at least, my last post of the year here.

So let's see, this year I:

Severed ties with my old agent (Made me very sad)

Found a new agent (Yay)

Began work on a new adult project (Yay)

Had a young adult book contract canceled (Sucks. A lot.)

Suffered the usual round of rejections and "great writing but not quite right for us" (Eh, part of the game, right?)

Had AdiĆ³s nominated for a YALSA list (whee! The librarians like me!)

Had Accent recognized by the Oklahoma Romance Writers in their Reader's Choice Awards (Aw, my second baby got noticed.)

Watched publishing implode under the weight of the economy and its own insanity. (Scary but probably needed in the long run.)

Suffered a major crisis of confidence. (Boo! Hiss!)

Participated in Nano and used it to jump start my writing and attempt to put the demons in a dark hole where they belong. (Begone foul beastie demons!)

Basically, 2008 saw me go from published to unpublished and starting over. It saw me wonder why on earth I still did this and remember exactly why. (Yeah, yanno, I have to. I'd also l ike to earn a living at it, but I kind of have to write for me. I'm good with that.)

While professionally, I'd like to dropkick 2008 straight into oblivion, personally, it hasn't been bad at all. My family-- they're happy and healthy. Got to watch my son start middle school (oy) and last night, I was able to watch his progress in band. Dude-- my boy's a musician! Spent a week in New York with my daughter and discovered that she's a load of fun to travel with. We adopted a rescue dog who fits into our family as if she's always been here. I have two other great dogs who never fail to make me smile. I have a husband, who, while he'll tell me if he thinks something isn't working in a story, also has every faith in the world that I can fix it and has every faith in the world that I'll continue to succeed as a writer, since, as he puts it, "It's not often you get to actually observe someone who's so crazy passionate about what they do. Emphasis on the crazy."

Yeah, I smacked him.

I have a great, amazing network of friends who get the writing crazy. I have a home and plenty and the freedom to pursue my dreams.

Got to see Australia. What? Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of Hugh Jackman.

So NYAH, 2008. You didn't win. I did.

Whatever your celebration, I hope it's safe, happy, and sees you well into 2009.

See y'all on the flip side.


Jenny O'Connell said...

What a year! Cheers to 2009 - it's coming in wintery white here, which makes it feel like a clean slate.

I like that!

Ana said...

I am such a fan of your books (especially It's Not About the Accent). Hang in there and keep at it because we (your fans) are out here and are ready to support your future work. I'll keep an eye out for your adult novel!