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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blue or Pink?

EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT BEING A GIRL I LEARNED FROM JUDY BLUME is coming out in trade paperback in April. And when books go from hardcover to paperback they sometimes change the cover. So I was wondering what they'd do. And the other day I received an email from my editor and saw - they changed the cover! Not a lot, as you can tell. They just went from pink to blue.
Hmm. I didn't know what to think. Did I like it? And why just change the background to blue? I often wonder what the designers are thinking when designing covers. I've received many a hateful cover in my writing life - and was lucky enough to have three changed to more palatable artwork that better reflected the content of the books.
Getting the cover is one of the things I always look forward to - it's like your book is real because people can see it, not just read it. And when it's right you're SO excited. And when it's wrong you want to cry, but instead you call your agent and discuss. And then she calls your editor to discuss. And hopefully all that discussing results in a new cover you love.
Out of the 10 books I've written there is one cover I hate. I hate, hate, hate it. Would change it tomorrow if I had the chance. I hate even looking at the book or having anyone else look at it. And that sucks. But I love the other 9, and 9 out of 10 isn't bad, I guess.
So what do you think? Pink or blue?


Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I've gotta say I like the blue. Sure pink is more girly, but the blue makes the whole cover pop more, especially the lettering.

I've been really lucky with my one cover so far and I hope that my luck continues!

Danielle Joseph said...

I agree with Steph on both accounts. The blue is definitely more eye-catching!
And I too am very happy with my one cover!

Anonymous said...

BLUE! love it love it

sj said...

They both look nice, but I think I like the original better. It's more girly, plus it's the cover I bought the book with. :)

I want to know which cover you hate!! Any chance you'll clue us in? My guess is either Insider Dating or Off the Record

jenny O'Connell said...

well.... the INSIDER DATING was actually one that was changed from the first cover, which I practically cried over, it was so not what I had in mind. So the actual cover is the second one they offered up. I hate her shoes, they should be higher and pointier, but that's neither here nor there. So it's not that one.

OFF THE RECORD on the other hand...

Jan Blazanin said...

I'm going with blue. The pink seems washed out. The blue says, "Buy ME. You know you want to."

A friend of mine got stuck with a cover she hates, but the decision was made before she saw it.

I'm thrilled with my one cover, too.