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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have a bunch of things I'm excited about, and these are two of them. Last Friday night I opened my email and discovered the covers for LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS. I opened up the cover for RICH BOYS first, for no particular reason, I didn't even know which one I was opening at the time. And all of a sudden I came face-to-full-screen with six pack abs. I can honestly say I actually muttered, "Whoa" out load. I was totally not expecting guys on the cover. Sure, the word boys is in the name, but the main character is a girl. I really didn't know what to think. Then the more I looked at it, I was like, "Sure, I could live with these hot guys on my cover." I love the GIRLS cover as well, but for entirely different reasons (although I must question how the hell those girls could possibly ride bikes in skirts that short). The funny thing is, totally by coincidence, there's a scene in the book where Kendra is actually wearing a skirt very much like that, so I guess it was meant to be.

Other things to be excited about: last weekend I also had my new web site posted (http://www.jennyoconnell.com/), which I love.

And then Friday my new voice recognition software arrived so I can actually speak my chapters instead of typing them. Who knows if it will actually make things go faster, as I'm hoping, but I thought it might be fun to try. Of course BOYS is due to my editor on Friday so I don't have enough time to learn to use the software before this book is done, but maybe for the next one.

And then, finally, my birthday is coming up!!! Yeah! I love birthdays, don't mind getting old at all. Every year I have more fun and I can only assume that's because as I get older I get better (and not just because I invest heavily in moisturizer). This year I turn 40 on Super Tuesday - coincidence? I don't think so.


Little Willow said...

Love the new site background. I'm a sucker for argyle.

Kelly Parra said...

Jen, I love the new covers! And they seem to coordinate with all your mtv titles. Cool new site, too!

caralockwood said...

The new covers are fab! 'Whoa' is right on those abs. Is it getting warm in here?

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Great covers! And I enjoyed the hot abs especially from under a foot of snow in cold Chicago! And Happy Birthday!