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Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Back To The Old Seasons"

Happy New Year, MTV authors & Friends. :)

Recently, I’ve turned over my draft of INVISIBLE TOUCH to my agent. Yes, I’ve lost perspective after staring at it for the past two months, and once I get her thoughts back, it’ll be a rush to get the book to our editor by deadline. (Don’t we all have the same editor?)

I’m taking a couple of days of downtime to rejuvenate the writer mind. The way I do that is by catching up on shows.

Ever since signing up with a DVD mail program, I’ve been hooked on renting television series. Shows that may have gotten lots of buzz, but not the ratings or old seasons of my favorite shows that I’ve never seen.

Here are the television series I’ve worked my way through over the past year:
Veronica Mars Season 1, 2, & 3

Seriously hooked. Interesting characters and fun, mysterious plots. I wish they hadn’t rushed VM to the FBI for Season 4. I would have kept watching her and Logan through college.

Gilmore Girls Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Season 7 still to go)

I take breaks in between GG seasons, otherwise I have GG overload. So I’ll get to Season 7 eventually. But really great, heart-warming characters.

Dark Angel Season 1 (Currently watching Season 2)

I was pretty much hooked on DA when it aired, and now I’m going back through all the action and the conspiracy of genetic engineering.

And next up will likely be Las Vegas Season 1.

Love the humor, characters, and action of the show, so I’d like to see how it all began.
How about anyone else? Do you rent the DVDs for old shows or are you just not into television?


jennifer echols said...

Happy New Year 2 U 2!

I don't think we all have the same editor. My impression is that there are at least 3. Mine is Jen.

I joined Netflix a few months ago and my INTENTION has been to work through old TV shows just like you say. But I never could get my husband interested in Arrested Development, so I sent that DVD back unwatched. Now I have season 1 of Firefly. We'll see.

We actually watched the first few episodes of Las Vegas when they aired, hoping this would be "our" new show. It sucked. But more people have been talking about it lately, and I get the impression it's gotten better. Maybe I should give it another chance. If I'd based my whole opinion of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the first few episodes, or even the first three seasons, I would have missed some of the best television I've ever seen.

Jenny said...

We don't have the "paid" cable channels, so I never watched Sex and the City or The Sopranos until they were available on "regular" TV, at which point I got totally addicted. We don't get Netflix primarily because movies suck. Every time we see a cool trailer we're like, "God that looks awesome!" And it blows. I swear I don't know how 99% of movies get made. Same goes for TV. I can't even imagine two movies I'd want to rent at this point. Then again, I've never read Harry Potter and have no desire to, so I'm a pretty lame source for any sort of entertainment commentary. Ask me about cheesecake, however, and I'm chock full of knowledge.
(and Jennifer is my editor, too, although PLAN B was edited by Lauren)

jennifer echols said...

Every time we see a cool trailer we're like, "God that looks awesome!" And it blows. I swear I don't know how 99% of movies get made. Same goes for TV.

I agree with this totally, and yet I hold out hope.

I've never read Harry Potter

Me neither. We should start a support group.

kelly parra said...

Jen is mine too, so that's 3 of us!

Jenn E, I really like Las Vegas. I've only seen that last two seasons and there's been really good action, so maybe it got a slow start in it's first season. I'll have to find out!
Jen O, I haven't read HP, either! yikes! I keep telling myself one day I'll read it, and the funny thing is everybody assumes I have read HP because I'm a YA author. haha!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I was extremely excited when the old Degrassi shows came out on DVD. I immediately bought and watched those. Now I'm getting into Degrassi the Next Generation,which I'm getting from netflix. I admittedly still like my old school Degrassi better (Spike shaped me life, what can I say. Oh, and by that I mean, I asked my mom if I could bleach my hair when I was ten, not the whole getting pregnant thing.), but I like the new one too and they are nice and short for a mostly guilt free writing break!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Oh yeah and Jen is my editor too, so that makes 4! But I have read (multiple times) Harry Potter, so I'm the odd one out there...

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Steph, I hadn't heard of Degrassi, but sounds cool! Yeah, I think Jen heads the MTV line. *g* Cool!

Little Willow said...

I don't rent movies or TV shows, DVDs or VHS. I'm weird. I enjoy movies and TV shows. When I'm home after work, I usually have the TV on or am listening to music. I always have music on at work during the day, and if I have music on INSTEAD of TV at night at home, it means I'm either dancing/choreographing or trying to focus on whatever I'm doing (most likely writing) and don't want TV/movie to distract me!