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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Jobs Did I Have as a Teen?

This should actually read, what jobs didn’t I have as a teen?! I could not wait to get my first job! I began babysitting at 12 and got my first job in a store right after basketball season when I turned 14. My first job lasted two days. I gave my notice and worked two more days. The job was washing dishes at a gourmet deli. Let’s just say I don’t love washing dishes, but my friend worked there and got me the job.

Next I went to work at a greeting card/music store. I worked in the card department which was pretty fun, especially since my friend soon joined me. I lasted there about eight months and then joined another friend at a video/photo store. I guess combo stores were pretty popular in the late eighties/early nineties!

The only rule at the video store was that you couldn’t wear a tutu. Apparently my friend had worn one to work one day and the boss was not impressed! I worked at this store for four years and boy could I tell you stories about some of those customers. We also had a small adult film section that sent us into a fit of giggles every time those “special” customers came in and asked for specific titles. Let me also add that I grew up in a small town, so we got to know a lot of the customers.

I continued to also babysit throughout high school. I worked for many different families and enjoyed hanging out with the kids. Working at the video store really helped me save for some college expenses and provided a lot of entertainment!

I went on to have many more jobs in college—my favorite being the movie theater, especially since I met my husband there. But we’ll save that story for another time!


Jan Blazanin said...

Too bad about the tutu. That would be pretty cute!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I am so jealous that you worked in a video store, Danielle. That was my dream job (that or record store) as a teen! And it sounds like you had a blast even if you couldn't wear tutus.

Danielle Joseph said...

Lol, Jan! And Steph, it was one of my dream jobs too! I also worked at a music store chain for a few weeks but the pay sucked and it was kind of far from my house so I quit.