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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What DON'T you ever see yourself writing about?

Now this is a blog topic I had to think long and hard about because I honestly don't like counting out possibilities. In fact what I think will be interesting is to come back say ten years from now, read this and see if my opinion has changed.

Just a little while ago I was telling myself I'd never try my hand at Urban Fantasy Sci-Fi or Paranormal stuff. I adore those genres. I grew up a lover of all things other worldly, but I doubted I could build a world like the masters do and do it justice. But now I have ideas that are just scratching at my brain that definitely fall in those categories. They may take some time, but I will write them. I'll continue to write realistic contemporary stuff, but now I'm itching to expand.

Like Jenny O'Connell I once thought I wouldn't write from a male's POV. I had the same concerns of being able to get into the mind of the opposite sex. But then I wrote from Liam, Adrian, and Christian's perspectives in Ballads of Suburbia and I liked it so much that I started a short story from a male POV that I think could turn into a novel... but that novel would probably alternate POVs with the guy's sister. At this point I don't see myself writing a book solely from a male POV.

Like Jan Blazanin, historical fiction sounds like a lot of work. Really intensive research is probably not my cup of tea. But that being said I'm really fascinated by certain areas, like the Roaring Twenties. I was just thinking the other day about writing a story about a girl with past lives and sending her back to the Twenties. Not quite historical fiction, but still historical. So I may toy with that one day.

I also have a memoir or essay collection up my sleeve. It's just waiting for the right time and place. It might be about my struggles with insomnia, but it definitely won't fall in the self-help category. I'm totally with Danielle about that. I absolutely won't ever write self-help. I'm with her too about the religious thing. However I wouldn't rule out a book with a religious character. It's kind of a doubtful thing though because being raised without religion, I don't know much about it. Erotica, yeah, most likely that's out for me.... but then again, I don't know. I really like Anais Nin. Maybe I will try my hand at the kind of erotica she wrote sometime.

So as you see there are a lot of maybes for me. I won't ever write a stuffy, boring character though, that I can tell you. And my books will always likely have edge. I can't see myself ever doing something sweet. Maybe if I have kids one day though, I'll be inspired to write something younger. And maybe when I reach my forties I'll finally get interested in writing grown up books about mid life crises and that sort of thing. But honestly right now, I'm really only interested in writing about teens... or teens and their parents who are stuck in their teenage years, which is the kind of story I'm working on now.

But I'll turn it back on you, what kind of book would you absolutely not read if it was written by me?

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Jennifer Echols said...

In fact what I think will be interesting is to come back say ten years from now, read this and see if my opinion has changed.

This is a great point. I'm thinking my own opinion will never change, and it hasn't in the last 10 years...but it definitely has in the last 20!