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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Can Do It. We Can Make It Take A Very Long Time.

I have become an absolute bore! It’s true. My life for the past thirteen weeks has been completely consumed with the ongoing renovation of my house. I have turned into a complete lunatic about things like tiles and flooring and millwork! (My greatest wish for all whom I hold dear is that they may live their entire lives and never need millwork!)

But it is almost over. Almost. I say that because right now there is a big hole in my house where there used to be a wall and some stairs. Did I mention that my daughter started walking a few months ago? So yeah. I’m not sure exactly where we’re sleeping tonight.

So that explains my scarcity on the blog. Because I could not bear to bore you with the drama. (The floods! The pests! The rest!)

Now that I am back, I dearly wish I had more exciting things to tell you but I see that the excitement is happening right here. Because how awesome does the upcoming crop of books sound? I am particularly excited for Alex’s historical novel.

And for fall. Good ole fall. I’ll have a birthday. I’ll get to dress my daughter in awesome new fall clothes. I’ll have an office in what will feel like a new house. Hopefully then the focus of my life can come back a bit to WRITING. Remember writing? It’s what I DO, when I’m not RENOVATING.

Sorry, folks. I promise to be more relevant/interesting/writerly/something next time.

1 comment:

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Oooh home renovations! I would really love to do some of those, but at the same time not. Just living in the basement for two days while the hardwood floors were finished was trying enough. Still, you must show off pictures when it is all done!