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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's My Take On Paranormals?

I am not the right person to answer this question.
I have read one "not realistic" teen book in the past three years. And that was Twilight. Vampires. And you know what? I was more interested in the "normal" characters than the other worldly. And here's where I admit that Bella bugged me, to the point where I wanted to slap the girl. Really, all she did was pine and be all angsty the entire book. I wanted her to grow a set and think about something, anything, besides a guy. But obviously I'm in the minority here, given the proof in how successful the series is. So what do I know?

Since the huge boom in paranormal stories I have attempted to read a few. But I never made it terribly far (like past the second chapter). They're just not for me. I'm not a fan of historicals, either. It's just my taste, which have probably not served me terribly well given the popularity of paranormal books.

But they say that you should write what you love. And I love regular girls in regular worlds dealing with the regular things a girl has to deal with in high school. And in my high school we didn't have shape shifters, vampires, werewolves, ghosts or aura-seeing clairvoyants who spoke to the dead. At least I don't think we did.


Danielle Joseph said...

Ha, love the last line! There were a few vampires in my high school:)! And plenty of people that I wished would go back to their other world!

Jan Blazanin said...

I'm with you, Jenny, on the whole Bella thing. You echoed my feelings about her perfectly!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

So so so with you on Bella. And glad I'm not alone. I really didn't like the Twilight series even though I do love some paranormal/urban fantasy.