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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff but You Can Laugh at it!

So I got to thinking about some of my pet peeves today and thought it's definitely little things that make your characters stand out so I might have to sneak some of these thinga into my next book.

Things that Annoy Me:

1. When people don't put caps back on the markers. Do you know how many dried out markers I have?! How hard is it to recap?

2. When you call a bill collector and they ask you to call back because all lines are busy (Hello, this happened today and no, I do not want to call back, ever! Has to do with a claim that my insurance did not pay for but was supposed to.)

3. When people wear sandals that are too small and either their toes hang out the front or their heels out the back. Really, is that comfortable?

4.When people chew with their mouths open...don't like to play see-food, especially with adults!

5. Good thing chalkboards are almost defunct, just the thought of scraping chalk on the board gives me chills.

6. When people beep at you to run the red light (not sure if this only happens in Miami) but I do remember it's supposed to be safety first!

7. When young toddlers and even babies are not in car seats. I've seen this quite a few times and usually it has nothing to do with people not being able to afford a car seat.

8. When people are so lazy to park that they park in between two spot. What is up with that greediness?

9. When people clip their nails in public. Once saw this in a subway train and also in a college classroom. Just gross!

10. When people have full blown conversations during the movies and even worse is when they answer their cell phones! Stay home then.

Well, I could go on but these are just a few things that annoy me and definitely could be used to flesh out a character. Of course, no one person should be an offender of all ten or they would but very unlikeable:)! So what are some of your pet peeves? And of course, don't forget to laugh after you make your list because life is entirely to short to get too caught up in these things!


Jan Blazanin said...

I hear you, Danielle! Lots of my pet peeves happen when I'm driving, too. Most annoying are people who tail-gate me in the left lane until I move over then zip across four lanes of traffic to exit from the right lane! How stupid is that?

Jez said...

I totally agree with you on most of these! And the red light one happens in Chicago too, especially if you are in the left-turn lane (even if you are 3 or 4 cars back, all of you are expected to go, even when the light is red. It might be a Chi-town thing, I'm not sure.)