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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Heart of the Blizzard

Nothing says winter like the worst snowstorm in 30 years. I’m sitting here in my freezing office wearing three layers of clothes topped off with a hooded sweatshirt--hood up, naturally. Just outside the window, more than 15 inches of snow are blowing around on 40 mph winds. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon, and I’ve spent about three hours shoveling snow. A half dozen of my young guineas have been sitting in a tree for two days because they’re afraid to land on the white stuff covering the ground. If they don't freeze to death, they'll have a great story to tell their chicks.

Blizzards in Iowa aren't anything new, but they aren't any fun, either. Here’s a short list of some things I’ve learned about blizzards:

1. Blizzards aren’t impressed about the plans you’ve made for the day—or the week.

2. Blizzards don’t care if your frustrated dogs use the deck and front porch as bathrooms.

3. They yawn when cabin fever drives your cats to shred every plant in the house.

4. Blizzards aren’t sympathetic when you fall on the front porch, the sidewalk, and on the path you just shoveled to the guinea cage.

5. After you’ve shoveled the front porch, the sidewalk, and the path to the guinea cage, blizzards find it amusing to refill them all with snow.

6. Blizzards laugh at knee-high boots, hooded coats, and insulated socks.

7. Blizzards are cold-hearted beasts!

But I have the last laugh because eventually blizzards end and spring comes. March is only three short months away!


Jennifer Echols said...

I know you're frustrated, Jan, but if you live in Alabama, it's pretty cool to read this description and find out that blizzards really exist! I thought they only happened in Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I still shiver when I think about The Long Winter. As long as you are not having to grind seed corn in the coffee grinder to make bread because the train can't get through with supplies, you are probably okay.

Danielle Joseph said...

I'm going to echo what Jenn said, I'm a little envious of snow. It is way to humid here in South Florida for December. However, I did flee Boston after getting tired of the winters so I guess I can't have it both ways. Hope the snow cooperates for you Jan!

Jenny said...

Nothing beats snow in December, when all the holiday lights are up and everything feels all cozy.

If only it went back to 85 and sunny on Jan.1.

Jan Blazanin said...

I lived in Kingsville, TX for a little over a year, and I remember how excited everyone was when it snowed less than half an inch. I was taking college classes at the time, and the school shut down for the day. It's definitely a matter of perspective.

Enjoy your warm weather!