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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Loved Most About Being a Teen

One of the things I really loved about being a teen was just being silly and chilling with my friends. A group of us used to get together almost every Saturday night to watch Saturday Night Live. I dreamed of one day being on that show. Anyway, we were huge fans and back then so many good comedians were on. Most of us didn’t drink, (many of my friends were hardcore/straight edge) so it was just good old laughs and tons of candy! Those sugar highs can really make a person crazy!

We also went to a lot of concerts in the city (I lived outside of Boston) and those trips were awesome. Some of my favorite shows were, The Cure, Morrissey, The B-52s, Fugazi and 10,000 Maniacs. We used to pile into someone’s station wagon or old car and just take off. My hair was temporarily purple for our trip to see The Cure. And to many of the concerts I sported my ultra cool black leather jacket, complete with more zippers then you’ll ever need. Sometimes when we met weirdos we’d use fake names, complete with fake bios. I loved being Zelda.

I was very fortunate to have a good group of friends that were always up for a few laughs. In this photo, my friend Nell and I were playing truth or dare in our favorite English class. She dared me to dance an Irish jig while the teacher was at the blackboard. Of course, I was up for the challenge and she quickly snapped my only live dance performance since third grade ballet. Other dares included: put on the teacher’s cardigan without her noticing, hide under her desk and switch the two picture frames in the room. Everything was in good fun and it definitely made the long school days pass with humor.

I had many moments of teen angst like a lot of people but humor really helped me get through those days. I’d look forward to the harmless pranks that my friends and I would play. I’m still known to play truth or dare here and there, but you can get away with a lot more when you’re a teen! So enjoy!

Anyone else have any good truth or dare stories to share?

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Jan Blazanin said...

Love the picture, Danielle! You look like you can dance a mean jig!

One incident I remember that fits the "dare" category happened after a football game when my friends and I were driving around in the country. We came to a gravel road with an "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign posted. My brother was driving our parents' car, and the rest of us badgered him to enter. The risk turned out to be a mile-long stretch of hubcap deep mud. Since we couldn't turn around, we kept going. We eventually got out okay, but for the next week my mom asked us about the chunks of mud raining from under her car. Of course, we never told!