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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How do your writing habits and your writing change during the summer?

I've never written a book during the summer. I've wanted to, maybe even had every intention to, but I haven't. For one very simple reason: I can't read my laptop screen in the sunlight. And if it's vaguely nice out, I'm outside. If I could take my laptop to the lounge chair by the pool, I'd write. But because I can't read what I'm typing, it's not terribly productive. So instead I read books.

I devour books all summer and they give me ideas, get me excited to write. So I take a lot of notes during the summer. Fall has always been my writing time.

It also helps that I've never had a deadline over the summer. And I never want to. I like my reading time, relaxing and letting the creative juices begin to bubble over until the fall comes and I sit at my laptop and let it all out.

This summer, however, I'm working on two books. It will be interesting to see how far I get. But I'm not all that optimistic.

NOTE: Just started reading new YA book - the main character "flushes" twice in the first 8 pages due to embarassment. Does it never end?

1 comment:

Jennifer Echols said...

Good luck with your books, Jenny! And as I am writing, I am making a conscious effort to keep everyone from blushing, LOL!