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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"How do your writing habits and your writing change during the summer?"

I'd love to start off this blog by saying that I'm getting ready to pack two huge suitcases and load them in the car along with my family and head off to my gorgeous beach home on the west coast of Florida. Yes, the place where I will write the great teen MTV novel while basking in the sun and sipping on iced cold lemonade. But alas, the beach house is only a figment of my imagination--at least for now. So really, how does my writing change during the summer? My kids get out of school the beginning of June so my writing time will definitely have to be scheduled into every free moment that I can hold on too. I like to set weekly writing goals in the summer so that I feel accomplished while I am enjoying plenty of outdoor fun. Last summer I finished my second novel, Indigo Blues, which I recently sold, so that was definitely a good feeling!

Even though the summer is usually about flexibility and fun, if I keep my writing goals structured then I have the perfect balance of work and play. So this summer I plan to revise an older novel and get about halfway through a new novel. I will take the first month to revise, probably working a few hours a day and then the second half of the summer will be spent plunging face first into my new novel. I am really looking forward to both these endeavors. So can I do it? Stay tuned and find out… Oh, the self-pressure is on!


Jan Blazanin said...

I'm impressed, Danielle! You're my new writing guru.

Nisha said...

I'm totally bad about writing in the summer. I just want to be lazy all day. :-)