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Monday, October 13, 2008

A few links of note.

Instead of boring you with the details of the final stages of my home renovation or bemoaning the fact that I have not written a word in two weeks, I'm going to try to FIRE YOU UP! That's right! Get a move on!

For starters, head on over to YA for Obama—a social network started by the fabulous Maureen Johnson, author of "Suite Scarlett" and more—and read about the election from the perspective of a ton of young adult writers. Meg Cabot is there. Gossip Girl is there. I'm there, too. Here is the link to my recent post: My So-Called Republican Life. And be sure to join up if you like what you see there, or even if you don't. The idea is to get young folks involved in the election, even if they're (you're) not old enough to vote. Because they're (you're) old enough to have opinions, right?

Next up: The Cybils! Have you nominated your favorite books this year? The wonderful Sara Zarr was nice enough to nominate "What Happens Here" in the YA category. How excited am I?

That's all for now....

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