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Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Ice Cream Sundae List

What about putting together a list of things you want to accomplish during your lifetime? Think Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the Bucket List. Well, my list is called the ice cream sundae list and it’s things that would make my life sweeter. So here are ten things I’d like to do during my lifetime, in no particular order.

1. Take a glass blowing class.
2. Learn how to make sushi.
3. Go white water rafting.
4. Have a walk on role in a movie (almost accomplished this when I was fourteen but 5. unfortunately my scene was cut from the final).
5. Visit the stunning Madeira Island off of Portugal.
6. Volunteer in a third world orphanage.
7. Make wine at a real vineyard.
8. Meet the amazing actor Sidney Poitier.
9. Have a picnic and play Scrabble again in Tanglewood, Mass. while listening to the symphony play live.
10. Be a guest judge on a cheesy reality TV show.

So what are some things that you’d like to tackle during your lifetime? Big or small? And remember to have fun!


Jennifer Echols said...

My biggie is to learn to surf. I want to take my son with me and I'm just waiting for him to get big enough that I won't worry about him. (I guess this might never happen.)

Jennifer Echols said...

OMG did you see this?

Co-author of "100 Things to Do Before You Die" dies at 47

Danielle Joseph said...

I actually would love to surf too, especially watching the surfers on the beaches in South Africa when I was a kid. Those waves are massive!
And I can't believe that guy died--I saw it the next day after I posted. I felt ao bad but at least he completed half of his list--geez!