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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

There are some people who always seem to get lucky -they get the best gift in the grab bag, they manage to get picked out in a crowd to compete for some fabulous prize, and they always find the last empty seat in a game of musical chairs. Well, I've never considered myself terribly lucky (but I continue to buy lottery tickets, none the less).

In fact, the one time I had my chance to win something I was in a totally different state with no way to claim my prize. I was driving up to Massachusetts from Connecticut to visit two colleges and while I was flying at 70 mph up Route 91, there was a radio station on Long Island announcing my name as the winner of a pair of INXS tickets - if I called in the next twenty minutes. Well, this was back before cell phones, so my friends heard my name called but they had no way to let me know - and, obviously, the station didn't get reception in Massachusetts. My dreams of claiming my prize died before I even knew I had a chance.

Well, I've decided to change that because now I'm the one in charge! I'm having my own contest! LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS come out on June 24 and I decided to give stuff away - specifically some very cool t-shirts I designed myself. It's so easy to win. No talent required. No calling in twenty minutes to claim your prize. Just a push of few keys on your keyboard. Check out my blog for more details. The contest begins June 6.

So what about you? Are you one of those people who walk away from the carnival carrying the big stuffed dog nobody else could win? Or are you like me, driving along unaware that lady luck will be rocking out to INXS without you?


Stephanie Kuehnert said...

What a cool contest idea!!!!

Yeah I'm lousy when it comes to luck winning stuff though. But I keep trying. I just entered one to win Lollapalooza tickets plus have two of your friends flown out to the show. Please oh please let me win that one!

Kelly Parra said...

Fun, Jen!

I hardly ever win anything! Just one of those things. :) :)