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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something relating to MTV proper...imagine that!

I cannot tell you how long and eagerly I've waited for this night to arrive. I confess to being mildly obsessed with "The Hills" but I have not been able to watch the season premiere yet. And now—I mean, after I post this—I'm going to finally get to watch it. You see, since I recorded it there have been all manner of life interruptions—sick relative, sick baby, busted dishwasher...and, well, a husband who refuses to watch it.

I know a lot of people think the show's totally fake and vapid but I have to say that I'm continually impressed by Lauren Conrad. She makes mistakes but learns from them; she's slyly funny; she has awesome facial expressions; she's just, well, cool. The other person I dig is Heidi's mom. [Okay, so I already hit play!] I find it hard to believe that that woman--so seemingly normal!--actually raised Heidi and am generally fascinated by how a person like Heidi—just so completely sure of herself and entirely, I don't know, crazy?—comes into being. And then finds someone equally crazy to go out with!

And now some French hottie is taking Lauren to the Eiffel Tower. Ah, to be young and in Paris! I'm actually jealous of L.C.! And fear her little trick with her ball gown is going to end in disaster. Why, Lauren, why????

Alright, enough. OH! But one quick tidbit...Ellegirl.com is going to be giving away 5 copies of "What Happens Here" closer to the release date. Stay tuned for details!


Anonymous said...

I am in the enviable position of being both a Hills fan, and having to work on it professionally. It can get pretty confusing! And so I will not say anything about any of the girls involved in a public forum. I will, however, let everyone know that we should have a second book related to the show, called The Hills: Lessons in Love, coming out in October, to coincide with next season's finale. Maybe if you know someone at MTV Books, you can snag yourself a copy. ;)

--Jen Heddle

jennifer echols said...

Y'all make this show sound good! But I've never seen it. I have this problem:

a husband who refuses to watch it

Recently I rented the one-and-only season of Firefly and did not see him for two weeks.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I only watch this show at the gym which means watching it with closed captioning and I'm sure that takes away some of the experience. One day I'm sure I'll catch up with it for real, but yeah, the boyfriend will not watch. I've managed to get him into Degrassi The Next generation (and he'll probably kill me for mentioning this in public), but I think he would draw the line with the Hills.

Kelly Parra said...

I'm a reality junky, so The Hills is just one of my addictions. haha!