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Monday, December 10, 2007

2008? Really?

I have this problem where I can't seem to think about next year until I've bought my dayplanner, which I did last week. So all of a sudden I realized that it's going to be 2008 in a few weeks, and that my book, What Happens Here, which "isn't coming out until 2008!" is going to be coming out soon. May, when it pubs, will be here before I know it.

The most exciting book news of the week for me is that National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr has contributed an amazing quote for the front cover. See all that white space up top? Picture, if you will, this there:

"A compulsively readable tale of complicated friendships, life-changing loss, and the search for authentic experience in a world full of artifice. It's a story of coming to terms with the fragility of life as well as its mettle, and with with the failures of those we love along with our own...in other words, growing up."
—Sara Zarr, author of Story of a Girl

Pretty exciting stuff indeed.

Not exciting: reviewing the copy editor's marks and notes. I'm grateful, for example, that the copy editor pointed out that I referred to a B&B in Italy when, technically, it's a pensione, but I mean, come on! Zzzzzzzzzz. And on that note, I should get back to it, so that when What Happens Here comes out in May, there won't be any big mistakes in it!

I suppose I should also start thinking about New Year's resolutions? Does anyone have any that are rarin' to go?


Kelly Parra said...

Looking forward to What Happens Here, Tara!

I have this habit of not planning ahead past a month or so. I'm always to involved with what is happening now, that's tough to think ahead.

Since I'm writing my current wip and with the craziness of holidays, I don't even have a good resolution planned. :) :)

Jenny O'Connell said...

What a fabulous blurb!!
Hey, question for the authors...what do you guys think of MTV moving away from the standard "look" they had for the first years of their teen line? When I saw Tara's cover I thought it was cool, I'm kinda glad they're giving each book it's own unique identity. Thoughts?

jennifer echols said...

I have this problem where I can't seem to think about next year until I've bought my dayplanner, which I did last week. So all of a sudden I realized that it's going to be 2008

OMG I do this too. Only I can't find the right 2008 calendar to go above my desk, so I keep thinking my work life is ending in three weeks, like sailing off the end of the earth.

What a great cover quote! I love the Vegas setting and I can't wait for this book!

Kelly Parra said...

I really like the idea of different covers. But the different covers are for more mainstream titles, I think!

They give the books their own identity, which can only be a good thing, IMO.

taltebrando said...

I'm really excited that the covers are breaking out into new directions, and I can't wait to see new ones as they come out. I'm in love with Alex's new cover for Oblivion Road...

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Eek, I haven't gotten my dayplanner yet, so I'm going to be really lost soon! (My mom usually gives me one as a Christmas gift, but that is almost too late!) And that is awesome about the blurb, Tara!

New Years resolution? Same as last year unfortunately. I have insomnia and have been on medication for it for wayyyyy too long. I want to get off. So in 2008 I'm trying acupuncture! Cross your fingers for me!